The following resources are available if you want to find out more about the cleanup at Starmet/Nuclear Metals, depleted uranium, depleted uranium weapons, and related environmental organizations.
Resources for Former Starmet/Nuclear Metals Workers
In 2000, legislation was passed which established a program to provide compensation to employees of companies that contracted with the Department of Energy (DOE) to do work with beryllium and nuclear materials. Starmet/Nuclear Metals employees are eligible for this compensation. Employees who suffer from a cancer caused by radiation, beryllium disease, or chronic silicosis may be eligible for compensation for disability and payment of future medical expenses associated with the disease. For information about compensation, contact the Department of Labor, 1- 866-888-3322. For information on the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act of 2000, go to the Department of Labor website
Study of Beryllium Exposure in Former Starmet/Nuclear Metals Workers. Researchers at Boston University are studying a link between exposure to beryllium and a certain type of lung disease that may effect past workers at Nuclear Metals who were employed between 1958 to 1986. Employees are invited to participate in a free and confidential health screening to check for signs of sensitization to beryllium. Those who are diagnosed with the illness or their survivors are eligible for a lump sum payment of $150,000 from the federal government as well as ongoing medical care. For more information or to schedule a free health screening call 877-466-3089.
CREW would like to talk with former workers of NMI/Starmet. If workers are interested in contacting us, please send an email to
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a website which provides more information about the Starmet/Nuclear Metals site.
Wise Uranium Project
Wise (World Information Service on Energy) provides extensive information on the health and environmental impacts of nuclear fuel production.
Wise also gives information about the Starmet site in Concord, MA.
Military Toxics Project
The Military Toxics Project (MTP) provides information, education and support for communities that are working to clean up military pollution. MTP has a special project on the fight to stop the production and use by the military of depleted uranium weapons.
AlliantAction is a coalition of peace groups protesting the production of depleted uranium munitions at Alliant Techsystems in Minnesota. Alliant Techsystems was supplied with depleted uranium penetrators by Stamet/Nuclear Metals in Concord. The company in Minnesota also has serious contamination problems.
Toxics Action Center
Toxics Action Center (TAC) helps citizens’ groups across New England to fight toxic pollution in their communities. TAC works on a variety of issues including hazardous waste cleanups, stopping proposed landfills and incinerators, stopping the spraying of pesticides, and pressuring companies to reduce their toxic chemical use.
New England Grassroots Environment Fund
The New England Grassroots Environment Fund (NEGEF) supports community groups in New England that are working on local environmental issues. Funding from NEGEF helped with development of this website. To contact NEGEF call 802 223-4622.
Organization for the Assabet River (OAR)
Organization for the Assabet River (OAR) is a nonprofit group whose mission it is to preserve, protect and enhance the Assabet River, its tributaries and watershed. The Assabet is only 300 feet from the Starmet property. Groundwater flow from Starmet is in the direction of the river, presenting a possible threat of uranium contamination to the Assabet. In 2000 OAR worked along with other local groups for a Superfund designation of the Starmet site.
Sudbury Valley Trustees
Sudbury Valley Trustees (SVT) is a voluntary association of individuals, families and businesses committed to protecting wildlife habitat and ecological integrity of the Sudbury, Assabet and Concord Rivers. In 2000 SVT spoke out in support of Superfund designation for the Starmet property.
Green Team Concord
The Green Team is a group of volunteer citizens which advises the Concord Board of Selectmen, the Town Manager, and other Town boards on the development of environmental criteria for Town projects.