CREW placed, by petition, the following article in the warrant for the Concord Annual Town Meeting of 2003 to give the Environmental Protection Agency support in negotiating the best cleanup with the organizations responsible for the contamination of the Nuclear Metals Inc. Superfund Site, also known as the Starmet Superfund Site.
Cleaning Up Starmet Superfund Site - Article 51
To determine whether the Town will vote to affirm that the property at 2229 Main Street in Concord, the location of the Nuclear Metals Inc. Superfund Site, Starmet Corp., shall be cleaned up to allow for all possible uses, including residential use, permitted within the light industrial zoning district as of January 1, 2003 in which the property is presently located, or take any other action relative thereto.
Reasons to Support Article 51
  • The radioactive contamination on the Starmet property can last for thousands of years.
  • The best cleanup is needed to leave the least amount of contamination for future generations.
  • Much less contamination will be left on the property for residential cleanup than for non-residential cleanup.
  • The Town of Concord and property owners in that neighborhood will benefit by having the best cleanup.
  • This article does not change the way this property can be used.
  • This article does not require any housing to be built on the site.