CREW (Citizens Research and Environmental Watch) is an all volunteer citizens group which has been working since 1989 for a cleanup of the toxic and radioactively contaminated property at Starmet Corporation (formerly Nuclear Metals Inc.) in Concord, Massachusetts. Over the years CREW has lobbied Starmet, local authorities, elected officials, and State and Federal Agencies, for a complete cleanup of the contaminated soil and water at Starmet.
CREW has informed citizens, held public meetings, circulated petitions, initiated letter writing campaigns, appeared before local boards, presented articles at Concord Town Meeting, and worked closely with oversight agencies.
CREW has received grants from private foundations, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These grants have enabled CREW to hire technical consultants to review documents and make cleanup recommendations.
CREW also has its own volunteer Technical Advisory Committee. This committee is made up of citizens with expertise in hydrogeology, environmental law, risk assessment, toxicology, chemistry etc.
We as citizens have the right and the responsibility to demand that corporations do not contaminate our soil and water. We at CREW believe that active citizen involvement will directly influence the outcome of the current cleanup effort at the Starmet property in Concord.
CREW’s goals for the Starmet site
A complete cleanup of the whole 46-acre Starmet property to residential levels for uranium and other contaminants.
A cleanup of the groundwater at Starmet to safe drinking water standards.